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Monster Hunter 3

Cha-Cha (チャチャ) is a lost child from the Shakalaka tribe, making his first appearance in Monster Hunter 3, helping you along your adventure in single player. He describes himself as a "proud wandering lone-wolf cha-champion of the great Shakalaka Tribe". His name is similar to the Shakalaka's Japanese name, Chachabū (チャチャブー). It most likely gets its name by the sound it makes: "cha". Cha-Cha carries a staff and wears a variety of masks. Each mask will give Cha-Cha a completely different ability and personality. A hunters' first encounter with Cha-Cha in Monster Hunter 3 is on the 2 star urgent quest where he is attacked by numerous small monsters. By fending off these monsters, Cha-Cha will befriend the hunter. From there on, Cha-Cha will aid the hunter during quests, much like the Felyne Comrades of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Hunters can interact with Cha-Cha by performing gestures, giving him certain items, or by beaconing. As the hunter's Cha-Cha grows and gains experience fighting new monsters, he will learn new skills such as elemental attacks and resistances. The number of skills hunters are able to equip on Cha-Cha depends on its Mastery Level with a mask. Some masks may not have any skill slots at all, but as Cha-Cha uses the mask more often, it may increase in slots. Cha-Cha is also able to perform a variety of dances giving the hunter and himself power/status boosts, similar to the Hunting Horn, which was absent in Monster Hunter 3.

Monster Hunter 3 U

Cha-Cha returns in Monster Hunter 3 U as one of the hunters' comrades, alongside a new Shakalaka named Kayamba. The two shakalaka comrades are able to utilize both of the existing and new masks in the game (Except the default masks, Acorn Mask and Pincer Mask, respectively). They are also able to do dances together.


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