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Low Rank [1]
From Item Name Chance
Body Cephalos Scale 58%
Piscine Fang 20%
Piscine Liver 12%
Cephalos Fin 10%
High Rank [2]
From Item Name Chance
Body Coral Cephalos Scale 50%
Cephalos Scale+ 20%
Cephalos Fin+ 14%
Piscine Fang 13%
Piscine Liver 3%

Monster Hunter Freedom

Village Quest and Normal Hard G Class
Cephalos Scale (38%) Cephalos Scale (45%) Cephalos Scale + (30%)
Cephalos Fin (32%) Cephalos Fin (45%) Cephalos Fin + (25%)
Piscine Liver (15%) Piscine Liver (8%) Coral Cephalos Fin (20%)
Piscine Fang (15%) Piscine Fang (2%) Coral Cephalos Scale (20%)
Piscine Liver (3%)
Piscine Fang (2%)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations

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