Here are the lyrics to the song handed down to the player by the Grand Guru in Cathar before he is sent to fight the Shagaru Magala

If ever eyes of darkness widen

A light from yonder soon will break

But if the land the light should brighten

A shadow wanders in its wake

If dawn is sent to slay the night

And chase its minions underground

Then when dusk makes the day take

Night Beneath it pinions night rebounds

But do not cry, my sons and daughters

Life must leave to come again

And when it does, it springs like water

A great reprieve to and all pain

Turn now, Heaven's Wheel! Turn, turn, that we may heal!

After completing the Caravaneer's Challenge and you head back to Cathar, the Smiling Youth (Grand Guru) informs you that there is a second part for the song.

If ever should the dead awaken

Then welcome them as life reborn

And in my heart from sleep is taken

Then let it sing upon the morn

Let all those souls be held entranced

And gather to my mighty strains

For if they die again, by chance,

Their voices join the grand refrain

Each soul shall have its time again

Within hearts they still reside

And when I sing, they are sustained

From death to life, I am their guide.

Rejoice, rejoice my friend!

Our song will never end!

Never, ever end!