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A category page for Heavy Bowguns in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

There are a total of (?) Heavy Bowguns in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Heavy Bowguns by Ammo Type:
ItemIcon033 Normal S Lv1 / Lv2 / Lv3 ItemIcon033h Recov S Lv1 / Lv2 ItemIcon033i Flaming S ItemIcon033b Water S ItemIcon033f Thunder S
ItemIcon033 Pierce S Lv1 / Lv2 / Lv3 ItemIcon033g Poison S Lv1 / Lv2 ItemIcon033e Freeze S ItemIcon033i Dragon S ItemIcon033d Blast S
ItemIcon033 Pellet S Lv1 / Lv2 / Lv3 ItemIcon033f Para S Lv1 / Lv2 ItemIcon033i Tranq S ItemIcon033c Paint S ItemIcon033i Demon S
ItemIcon033 Crag S Lv1 / Lv2 / Lv3 ItemIcon033b Sleep S Lv1 / Lv2 ItemIcon033d Armor S ItemIcon033 Slicing S ItemIcon033i WyvernFire
ItemIcon033 Clust S Lv1 / Lv2 / Lv3 ItemIcon033e Exhaust S Lv1 / Lv2

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