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Castle Schrade
English Name: Castle Schrade
Japanese Name: シュレイド城
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon06
Number of Areas: 2
Main Resources: Ballista, Cannonballs
Large Monsters: Fatalis, White Fatalis
Game Appearances: MH1, MHG, MHF1, MH2, MHF2, MHFU, MH4, MH4U, MHFO
Generation: First


MH4U-Castle Schrade Map

MH4U Map

Castle Schrade (シュレイド城) is an abandoned castle that was built long ago, with blood red skies that have dark hues, and swirls of purple clouds. It is now in ruins, a shadow of its former glory. The name Schrade is given by the region where the castle is located. This is a special area where Black Fatalis is fought.

MH1 and MHF1

In the first Monster Hunter series, there were four stages of the Castle Schrade. Depending on how much Contract Fee is paid, you will be given the Castle Gate, Ballistae, Cannons, Dragonator, or all four as available weapons.

  • Paying the 1600z Contract Fee will give you only Ballistas to use as weapons. The Castle Gate will be closed, preventing both Fatalis and hunters access to the other courtyard.
  • Paying the 2200z Contract Fee will give you Ballistas and the Castle Gate as weapons. Both courtyards are accessible.
  • Paying the 2400z Contract Fee will give you Ballistas, Cannons, and the Castle Gate as weapons. Both courtyards are accessible.
  • Paying the 2800z Contract Fee will give you Ballistas, Cannons, Castle Gate, and the Dragonator as weapons. Both courtyards are accessible.

The Black Fatalis quests were often mistaken for four separate Quests. However, if you clear one of them, all others will be cleared as well.


In the second generation, the castle returns in unaltered visual form. The Black Fatalis quests in Castle Schrade are 50 minutes long and Fatalis flees with 25 minutes remaining if enough damage is done. If enough damage is not done hunters will continue to fight Fatalis until a certain health threshold (possibly 1/4 health) on which it will flee. All weapons are automatically available.

MH4 and MH4U

Castle Schrade returns in the fourth generation. This incarnation of the castle looks almost entirely different from previous appearances. It appears to be set among a mountain range, rather than a flat, empty field, and the sky is filled with dark blue and purple clouds. In addition, the field of battle is set atop the ramparts, rather than in the empty castle courtyard. This version of Castle Schrade features a Dragonator, ballistas, and cannons. 


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