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1 [Practical Hunting -Carapaceon Info-]

This section of Practical Hunting covers increasing your effectiveness when fighting monsters. This information collected from the important points, passed on to beginners by the Hunters Guild, is worth reading for anyone who wants to take a step up as a hunter.

2 This section will provide you caution points on the dangerous Carapaceons known as Daimyo Hermitaurs, and Shogun Ceanataurs. They are both large and powerful monsters, with the Shogun Ceanataurs being so violent and powerful that beginners are not allowed to take Quests in which it is a target.
3 The Daimyo Hermitaur inhabits areas with sandy soil, such as the Desert and Jungle. Its hard shell will repel attacks from any weapon not worth its mettle, meaning that your weapon must have incredible Sharpness to do any damage. This shell also makes incredible armor material, and can even increase defense when made into a weapon.
4 The smaller Hermitaur is capable of appearing out from under the ground and attacking, thus making it an enormous threat to hunters. It is worth noting that Carapaceon Brains taken from a Hermitaur are a rare and valuable delicacy, and thus the Guild will buy them at a high price, sranger.
5 Shogun Ceaunataurs mainly reside in the Volcanic Belt zone, but have also been sighted in the Swamp zone. Their pincers are like sharp sickles, allowing thm to easily cut through the volcanic rock. If you take on the beast with less than stellar armor, you must be extremely cautious.
6 The Shogun Ceanataur's smaller cousin known as a Ceanataur is capable of spitting toxic venom, making it no less of a threat than its larger brethren. Its shell and pincers are both incredibly sharp, making them highly sought after as materials for crafting equipment.
7 There have been reports that beyond the two examples of Carapaceons given in this section, there is a giant beast that also fits into this class. Those discovering this beast should be extremely careful. Remember, the Guild is always accepting members for our Quests.

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