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Burukku Topics:

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In-Game Information

FrontierGen-Burukku Icon
非常に温厚でおとなしい草食種モンスター。 仲間意識が強く、群れの仲間に危害を加えられると団結して一斉に反撃を始める。


Burukku are large bovines recognized by their thick, woolly fur and sharp, curved horns.

Habitat Range

These creatures thrive in the mountainous Highland region where they graze on multiple grasses. While most herbivores tend to migrate, Burukku stay in the Highland all year round.

Ecological Niche

Burukku are Herbivores that feed on multiple grasses, weeds, tubers, and fruits that are indigenous to the Highland region. They're also preyed upon by large predators such as Kuarusepusu, Pariapuria, Dyuragaua, along with Doragyurosu and Hyujikiki.

Biological Adaptions

Despite the appearance of their horns, they are quite soft. This means the horns can't really do serious damage. Though the horns are soft, Burukku are able to charge at high speeds at foes, sending them flying. A Burukku's fur is stiff and retains heat.


Burukku are known to be somewhat temperamental herbivores that prefer a wide berth. Though mostly peaceful, if they are attacked by humans, Burukku are known to never retreat and continue to ram there attackers relentlessly. This behavior is even seen from the young who follow there parents. Burukku are known to actively follow Gurenzeburu for protection and even go as far as defend Gurenzeburu from attackers.


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