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The Bronze Coin is a Great Sword type Weapon.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

GS-Icon Bronze Coin / ブロンズホオビー (MHFU)
2ndGen-Great Sword Render 023 Attack 864 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute None 35000z 35000z
Affinity 0% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Sharpness BredBoraSyelTyelSgre Gaoren Pincer (3)
Gaoren Spine (5)
Gaoren Claw (1)
Black Pearl (20)
Gaoren Pincer (1)
Gaoren Shell (3)
Ancient Fish (3)
Slots ---
Bonus Defense +20
Rarity 5
Description Mimics the design of ancient currency. The blade can be polished to a high luster.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> GS-Icon Bronze Coin >> Upgraded Into
GS-Icon Carbalite Sword GS-Icon Gaoren Coin
MHF2/MHFU: Great Sword / Long Sword Tree


  • A relatively powerful Low Rank Greatsword. Has a reasonable amount of sharpness and a good defense boost.
  • Upgrades into one of the best raw Greatswords in the game, the Gaoren Cleaver.
  • Also, when charged, red markings appear on the blade.
  • It's an upgrade from Carbalite Sword, it's very unusual that its rarity decrease from 6 to 5.

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  • This sword's name and design is based on ancient Chinese 'sword money'.
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