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1[The Gunner's Book -2-]

The second part of The Gunner's Book covers items that must garner a gunner's attention. First, it goes without saying that there are two large divisions of Bowguns.

2Light Bowguns are weak, but light and easy to use. In contrast, guns that trade light weight for high power are called Heavy Bowguns. Each one has its pluses and minuses, and you should choose which one to use according to your enemy and your friends.
3The Light Bowgun allows you to run while it is drawn. I suppose one can say that, when facing a giant wyvern, it is important to be agile and strafe the beast. On the other hand, a Heavy Bowgun makes up for its weight in power. Its ability to fire powerful ammo is a clear indication of its value.
4The second point you must be aware of as a gunner is how to properly gauge the range to a target. The power needed to hit a target can change dramatically depending on which ammunition you are using. Even when you use the same shot, a change in distance could mean double the firing power is needed.
5The power needed can depend on the type of shot, as well as the type of bowgun. Not too fast, not too close. The intuition needed to join a shot with the optimum distance and power is critical to a hunter.
6At any rate, gunners are a team. Depending on the ammunition being used, a strong attacker should be coupled with a rock-steady supporter, whose role it is to slow a monster down. Victory or defeat depends entirely on this gunner team.
7Finally, I would like to add one last item with regards to bowgun usage. I recommend that you create ammo more often than you buy. By creating ammo, it costs half as much than if you were to buy it. While you do need materials to create ammo, as a hunter, this shouldn't pose a problem.

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