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1[The Gunner's Book -1-]

I, the " Legendary Gunner ", am using this manuscript to record everything for those aiming to become gunners in the generations to come. It will cover all matters related to gunners, from the basics to the advanced.

2The ancients often said, "There is a pioneer for even the littlest things." Lately, people are prone to forgetting the words of the pioneers, and there are many who pay these words no heed. I would like to thank the editors of Hunting Life for giving me a place to spread these words. I pray that hunters assist me in my quest.
3In the first part of this series, I would like to create a reference for the basic of the basic. First, let's talk about Bowgun ammo.
4It is natural that a bowgun without bullets cannot stand in battle. If you aim to be a gunner, you must make it a habit to carry enough bullets for the fight ahead.
5As for how to acquire ammo, lately it has been available for purchase in the item shop. As a low ranking hunter, you can request that the Guild show favor upon you and provide you with ammo provisions. These are the simplest ways of getting ammo.
6However, there is never enough money to buy all the ammo you need, and the basic ammo provided by the Guild will never lead you to improvement. If you really want to become a gunner, you must learn the fine art of creating your own ammunition.
7Creating your own ammo is as simple as Combining. We will cover the specifics of this process in a later edition, but basically you gather materials in the field and try various combinations to make the best ammunition.

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