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1[The Gunner's Book -5-]

The final part of my Gunner's Book will cover the Creation and Improvement of Bowguns.

2Improving a Bowgun is different than improving a melee weapon. In return for not needing materials, specific items must be acquired to improve a bowgun. In this sense, improving a bowgun is actually more like customization.
3There are four types of improvements for a bowgun. Level Up is literally a full improvement of the bowgun. Attack strength is raised, as well as shell velocity, and accuracy. There are up to five levels a gun can reach. I recommend improving your bowgun as high as your budget will allow.
4Next is attaching a Silencer to a bowgun. This item silences the report of your bowgun when attacking, making you less of a target to a monster then other hunters. However, monsters are no fools. Using this when you are alone or too close to other hunters nullifies its affects, so you must be careful.
5You can also add a Long Barrel to bowgun. A Long Barrel reduces the amount of drift in a bullet's path, increasing the accuracy of the bowgun. Moreover, the initial barrel velocity is also raised, so one can expect an overall increase in efficiency.
6Finally, a Zoom Scope can also be attached to a bowgun. By pressing left or right on the directional buttons, you can change the degree of zoom. By changing the zoom to match the situation, you can execute precise, long range attacks. However, you must have steady hands when aiming with high zoom.
7Now lets talk about Bowgun Creation. For melee weapons, you can make a weak weapon and improve it along the way until it becomes a weapon of true power. However, since improving a bowgun is fundamentally different, you can start off by making a strong weapon. When creating a new bowgun, you should always consider your present abilities and situation.
8Finally, let's go over a few bowguns you can acquire even if you are a low ranking Hunter. First, let's examine the Shotgun (Azure). Made from Velociprey material, it is sold as a high capacity Pellet S bowgun. It is possible to shoot friends with Pellet S, so be careful; however, when attacking many monsters at once no other shot is stronger.
9Next up is the Valkyrie Fire. With reassuring attack strength, and the ability to use high powered shells, this is a light bowgun with many fans. Made with Rathian Scales and Shell, along with Machalite Ore and Gunpowder, this gun is said to match its high material requirements with its high usability.
10Finally, I'd like to introduce the heavy bowgun Tankmage. Made from Gypceros materials along with Machalite Ore, this gun's attack strength is said to bolster the reputation of the entire heavy bowgun class. Furthermore, it can use all the abnormal condition shells, once again proving its worth.
11Now that we have discussed the five major points of a bowgun, I understand that no matter the number of benefits, there is still some hesitation in becoming a gunner. However, I hope that all who have read my text now have been instilled with enough knowledge to take up the bowgun without any lingering doubts.
12More than just having knowledge of bullets and bowgun usage, I hope that you have come to understand the benefits involved with using a bowgun. Also, I'd like to apologize to my fellow bowgun masters for being presumptuous enough to think that an old fool such as myself could teach bowgun novices.
13I would like to thank all of you readers who have followed my manuscript to the very end, as well as the editors of this magazine for their advice. Finally, I would like to thank the villagers of Kokoto for their assistance and support in my return to active duty.

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