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1[Practical Hunting -Bow-]

I'd really love to use ranged weapons, but the number of Bowgun shells is just way too confusing for me...! There must be hunter thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover Bows.

2Many dismiss the Bow as underpowered compared to melee weapons and lacking the variety of the Bowgun, but in reality, the Bow is a deep and complex weapon. Of course, its attacks will not cause stunning damage, and there are only four coating and thus four arrow types. However, a Bow's crafting, range and charge attacks surely make up for its shortcomings!
3The key to a Bow's power is how long the string is drawn back. This attack is called a charge attack. Press the [Triangle] button to draw the string back, then hold it down to charge your power in the Bow. There are 3 levels to a Bow's charge; Uncharged, Charge Lv 1, and Charge Lv 2.
4Of course, those who charge the longest will unleash the most destructive force. Uncharged attacks can be quite numerous, but a well placed Charge Lv 3 attack will reap great rewards for its hunter. However, charging requires Stamina and thus one must be prepared with items such as Power Juice or Well-Done Steak.
5Alongside power changes due to charging, there are also various arrow flight types. These are divided into three basic variations and 4 levels of power within each type. You can confirm what attacks each Bow can perform by looking at the Equipment Details screen. Bear in mind that the fourth power level is only for those with extraordinary Skill!
6Below are notes about all three variations.
  • Rapid: Launches many arrows. Higher levels increase the number of arrows.
  • Pierce: Fires one arrow with the ability to pierce objects. Power increases with level.
  • Scatter: Fires multiple arrows over a wide area. Arrows increase with level.
7If you are up against many monsters, or even a large wyvern, go for the Scatter type. If your opponent is far away, the Pierce type is best, while Rapid works well in all-purpose situations. Be sure to match the bow, the shot type and the amount of charge to the situation at hand.
8Be aware that, like Bowguns, the power of an arrow varies greatly with aim and distance. An arrow of the same type and power will see its power change exponentially according to distance. Basically, there is a sweet spot of power after an arrow has taken flight, and after it reaches this spot the arrow will begin to descend.
9The location of this spot depends on the type of shot, with the closest being Scatter, then Rapid, then Pierce, which holds its power for the longest distance. It takes experience and a sixth sense to be able to perfectly gauge distance, arrow type, and power level for any given situation. Practise makes perfect.
10Now let's discuss Bow creation. Unlike a Bowgun, you cannot customize a Bow with special parts, instead improvement is similar to a melee weapon. Like a melee weapon, the initial cost is low with improvements costing more later. These improvements can cause derivations into different types, providing enjoyment in the process!
11We have yet to even scratch the surface of a Bow's finer points. There is still the high mobility, element shot capability via special coatings, and increased strength, where it can stand its own with even the most powerful of Bowguns. A Bow also shares a Light Bowgun's mobility for attack and movement.
12Powerful charge attacks and tons of variation in flight types, not to mention a distinctive attack style and crafting process. It is no wonder why Bows are such a mythically revered weapon. Don't you want to rise to the challenge yourself?

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