Bow Charge Level

While a bow is drawn, simply pressing triangle unleashes a Level 1 arrow. However, by pressing and holding triangle, and waiting for a red flash, a charge attack is formed. Charged arrows do increased damage, at the cost of a lower number of arrows fired per unit of time, and stamina. However, charging is more than capable of exceeding the damage-per-second done by spamming weak Level 1 arrows.

By holding the triangle button and waiting for a single flash, Level 2 is reached. If the button is released after a second flash, Level 3 is reached. Each succeeding level is more powerful than the previous. Each level may also possess a different arrow type than the previous.

Different Arrow Types

The arrow type determines what kind of attack a bow does on each Charge level. There are 3 types, each having 5 sublevels corresponding to its power. Moreover, each arrow type deals optimal damage on different distances (though elemental damage is not affected by distance). The arrow types fired by a bow are visible on a bow's equipment details page.

  • Scatter fires several arrows at a wide range. Their ideal range is close to mid-range, and larger sublevels indicate more arrows fired
  • Peirce fires a single arrow, with the ability to pierce and do multiple attacks to monsters. The arrow will travel a great distance, and hits the optimum range at a distance. Increased sublevels allows Pierce to penetrate multiple times before stopping.
  • Rapid fires a volley of arrows, ideal for exploiting weak spots. Best used at mid-range. Higher sublevels increase the number of arrows in each volley.


  • Most bows have 3 Charge levels. Some bows only have 2 Charge levels. Others have a 4th Charge level, capable of doing even more damage. The gunner skill Load Up increases the number of charge levels available to a bow by 1, to a maximum of 4.
  • Arrow coatings stack with bow charges.

Damage Chart

1st charge Does 40% damage and 50% elemental damage
2nd charge Does 100% damage and 75% elemental damage
3rd charge Does 150% damage and 100% elemental damage
4th Charge Does 150% damage and 112.5% elemental damage