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This is the High Rank Gunner Version of the Bone Armor.

Click for High Rank Blademaster Version of Bone Armor.

Bone S Armor

for Male and Female
Rarity: 6, Total Slots: 6
General Information
BoneSGN Total Defenses:
Initial Defense 130
Max Defense (?)
Fire Resistance 25
Water Resistance 25
Ice Resistance -5
Thunder Resistance 0
Dragon Resistance 0
Skill Effects: Steal No Effect, Quick Eating, Fishing Expert, Map Unavailable
Armor Pieces
MH3icon-Helm Head Bone Cap S
MH3icon-Plate Torso Bone Vest S
MH3icon-Gauntlets Arms Bone Guards S
MH3icon-Waist Waist Bone Coat S
MH3icon-Leggings Feet Bone Leggings S

Slots & Description

Armor Piece Name Slots Description
Bone Cap S
OO Cap with mysterious bone ornamentation. The item you want when the time comes.
Bone Vest S
O Vest made by using monster bone. Looks worthless, but actually highly protective.
Bone Guards S
O Decorated with monster bone. Sharpens the senses and lets one read the wind for info.
Bone Coat S
O Coat made of monster bone. Few gaps, thus it is highly protective.
Bone Leggings S
O Covers the legs with monster bone. The leggings still reek of the beast's stench.


Items Required Cost
MH3icon-Helm King Scarab x2, Master's Skull x1, Blango Hide+ x3, Stout Bone x1 7200z
MH3icon-Plate Stout Bone x1, Bulldrome Hide+ x3, King Scarab x3, Wyvern Skull Shl x1 7200z
MH3icon-Gauntlets Inferno Sac x1, Bulldrome Hide+ x2, King Scarab x4, Monster Bone+ x2 7200z
MH3icon-Waist Stout Bone x3, Monster Broth x2, Bullfango Pelt x3, Lg Bone Husk x5 7200z
MH3icon-Leggings Bulldrome Hide+ x4, King Scarab x2, Giant Bone x4, Monster Bone+ x1 7200z
King Scarab x9, Master's Skull x1, Blango Hide+ x3, Stout Bone x5, Bulldrome Hide+ x9, Wyvern Skull Shl x1, Monster Broth x2, Monster Bone+ x3, Bullfango Pelt x3, Lg Bone Husk x5, Giant Bone x4

Armor Stats


Fir Wat Ice Thn Drg
MH3icon-Helm 26 (?) 5 5 -1 0 0
MH3icon-Plate 26 (?) 5 5 -1 0 0
MH3icon-Gauntlets 26 (?) 5 5 -1 0 0
MH3icon-Waist 26 (?) 5 5 -1 0 0
MH3icon-Leggings 26 (?) 5 5 -1 0 0
TOTAL 130 (?) 25 25 -5 0 0


Skill Points Total
MH3icon-Helm MH3icon-Plate MH3icon-Gauntlets MH3icon-Waist MH3icon-Leggings
Anti-Theft +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +10 Steal No Effect
Cooking +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +10 Quick Eating
Fishing +1 +1 +3 +3 +3 +11 Fishing Expert
Map -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -10 Map Unavailable

Skill Effects

  1. Steal No Effect: Monsters cannot steal your items.
  2. Quick Eating: Doubles your consuming speed.
  3. Fishing Expert: Guarantees fish will bite the bait immediately.
  4. Map Unavailable: No map, grabbing the Map Item has no effect.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 2
  • Torso: 1
  • Arms: 1
  • Waist: 1
  • Legs: 1


  • None

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