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Blue Yian Kut-Ku Topics:

Information from MHF2 Carve List by Kawakami Hanabi and MHFU G-Rank Carve List by VioletKIRA

Monster Hunter Freedom

Village Quest and Normal Hard G Class
Blue Kut - Ku Shell (56%) Blue Kut - Ku Shell (40%) Blue Kut - Ku Webbing (40%)
Blue Kut - Ku Scale (35%) Small Blue Kut - Ku Ear (35%) Blue Kut - Ku Ear (35%)
Giant Beak (9%) Blue Kut - Ku Scale (23%) Blue Kut - Ku Shell (15%)
Giant Beak (2%) Splendid Beak (10%)

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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