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    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week: HC Monsters!

    I've been checking and I'm almost sure we haven't done this one yet. Anyways, this time we'll take a look at one of the most popular Frontier features: The Hard Core versions of monsters!

    Starting with one of the most brutal HCs in the series. These Velocidromes have red eyes and a different-shaped crest, and they also learn some nasty tricks; including several new attack such as tail whips, jumps, and body tackles. Also, in G-Rank, it will spit Farcaster breath at you!

    HC Kushala Daora is even better at harnessing the wind than the regular version, and is capable of making an huge hurricane by flapping its wings. But that's not all, it now freezes the ground when it roars, and gains …

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    Lord Loss

    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week: Strategies!

    Something very different this week. Perhaps slightly more controversial.

    Sonic Bombs have interesting, if somewhat limited uses. Personally I only bring them to Cephadrome or Plesioth fights, to kick the irritating fish out of the sand/water, though they're also useful for breaking Daimyo's shield move, stunning Yian Kut-Ku, knocking Remobra out of the air and cancelling Qurupeco's songs.

    The problem is that (Cephadrome/Plesioth aside) most of the time you'll do more damage just continuing to batter the monster with your weapon, rather than faffing around with sonics. Though I concede they're probably helpful for beginner hunters testing things out.

    Plesioth, Gobul and Zamtrios can all …

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    G rank questions

    July 20, 2014 by Cbachura

    I tried alot trying to defeat the dang Giggi and I finnally defeated the dang blood sucker after 49 minutes 32 seconds. I fought Baleful Giggi and dang, he was easier, but seemed to have a lot of health. I haven't killed it yet becuase a Deviljho appeared right at the Beginning of the quest. I got him down to limping in 35 minutes and had to get off. I soon realized that I played the game wrong. I upgrade my armor to full defense, but never upgrade my weapons. I also never use gems. Long sword and switch axe are probably my best at fighting with, and so is my pink rath bowgun, which realy helped me with Gigginox after my first defeat with my un upgraded Dios Katana. Its not just Giggi, but I feel like even for soloing mh3u G rank, I don't …

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    Ive Been Fighting with the devil jho in hr5 but it cant seem to die it drops down couple of times but still i cant kill it 50 minutes had gone only to 10minutes but still its alive and kickin hahahah what weapon should i take ? dragon/thunder

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    Fellow Hunters,

    Good news for all of you who want to get their hands on the new Monster Hunter!!!

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be at Hyper Japan 2014 @ Earls Court in London!!!!!

    I have posted a couple of links below with details:

    Main Site -

    Details 1 -

    Details 2 -

    Hope to see you all there.


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    well since i am VERY curios of what you guys think who should be back in MH4U.

    i think should be back nargacuga with all subs,Chameleo,sand barioth,barroth, dire miralis for some reason =w=,lunastra,ukalos,ceanataur,hypnocatrice,aknaktor, gigginox to finally make the khezu meet him and H.jhen.

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    Lord Loss

    Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week: Jungles!

    Now, we may have already done this one, but I searched and couldn't find it. So if we have done it, it was ages ago. Anyway...

    The visibility. Dear God, the visibility.
    It's actually a fairly interesting area, at least design wise; I like the crumbling ruins, the caves, the open clearing bit, the riversides. There's a great deal of variety going on. Unfortunately in some places the trees are so thick you can't see Nargacuga about to slam its tail on your head... and that's a problem.

    ...It's OK. Obviously, being from the fourth generation there's more vertical components, which is good, and there is a fair amount of variety going on in all the different areas. There's nothing that really mak…

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    Mh4u new info

    July 11, 2014 by Cbachura

    In the trailer Black Diablos, Plum Diamyo Hermituar, and Hermituar have returned in mh4u.

    In the trailer Dundroma town is an returning town.

    Steve shares a relation with bats and birds.

    Steve has the ability to fling spikes and can fling them at enemies.

    Steve will migrate to different areas.

    Many desert monsters are found else where in mh4u, unlike many monster hunter games.

    Hermituars can now be found away from cool areas or areas with water in the desert, unlike mhfu.

    There might be a new weapon, the poleaxe or pole arm either one, and may be only used by the town guards of Dundroma.

    Steve might inflict a new status as in the trailer a hunter in zinogre armor was taking damage when trying to move after getting hit by the spikes, giving off a ef…

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    Greetings, and many great hellos!

    It's been a while since we did a DotW focusing on none other than one of the best parts of Monster Hunter - of course, the music! And because Monster Hunter Frontier G has some of the best music in the franchise, I thought I'd make these particular pieces the subject of our weekly discussion.

    NOTE: I won't be posting EVERY music piece on this blog, just the ones I think are relevant or just plain enjoyable. Also, thank you to everyone on YouTube who posted these videos for me to use.

    A slightly calming theme that plays when you first encounter the deadly Shanthien. In this phase, Shanthien is mostly calm and attacks with minor land-based moves, so you don't really have much to worry about.

    When the music picks…

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    New Weapon Ideas

    July 4, 2014 by Cbachura

    First of all some of these are just kinda ideas that came in mind when drawing.

    Phial Blade: A large hand half sword (Not to be confused with Ukanlos subspecies or Master cedeaus' blastedge) that can unleash devistating attacks by using certian phials. like the bow the weapon, it has its own elemental attacks and can use certian phials for special attacks. The phials can be bought or combined and there are 5 phials in which called, power phial, sharpness phial, elemental phial, blast phial, and last of all the exghuast phial. Also like the switch axe its phial slowly empties after every single attack. Luckily you can detach the phial going back to your basic elemental or non elemental attacks. The phials are like ammo. You can run out if yo…

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