Low Rank [1]
From Item Name Chance
Body Blangonga Pelt 63%
Blangonga Whiskers 21%
Giant Bone 8%
Blangonga Fang 8%
High Rank [2]
From Item Name Chance
Body Blangonga Pelt+ 60%
Stout Bone 15%
Blangonga Whiskers 10%
Blangonga Fang+ 10%
Blangonga Pelt 5%
G Rank [3]
From Item Name Chance
Body Hard Blangonga Pelt 60%
Massive Bone 15%
Leather Pelagus Pelt 10%
Heavy Blangonga Fang 5%
Blangonga Pelt+ 15%

Credit goes to Kawakami_Hanabi and VioletKIRA

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