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armor stat


Abnormal Sts Atk Up


Required Materials

blango helm U-blangonga pelt+ x3

blangonga fang+ x1

brute bone x4

gendrome tail x2

blango mail U-blangonga pelt+ x3

rathian scale+ x2

genprey hide+ x3

carpenterbug x8

blango vambraces U-blangonga pelt+ x2 blango greaves U-blangonga pelt+ x4

remobra skin+ x2 blango pelt+ x5

stout bone x2 hrd monster bone x1

blango tasset U-blangonga pelt+ x4 gendrome tail x1

blangonga whiskr x1

brute bone x3

genprey hide+ x4


  • None

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