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Baleful Gigginox Topics:

This Article lists all the Baleful Gigginox Weapons and Armors that can be obtained in every game.

MH3U Weapons

Dual Blades

MH3U-Dual Blades Render 034 Weapon Path

Indent01 Double Boltwings
IndentIndent01 Double Deathbolts

Long Sword

MH3U-Long Sword Render 035 MH3U-Long Sword Render 036 Weapon Path

Crimson Cross
Indent01 Lost Eden
IndentIndent01 Banished Blood
IndentIndentIndent01 Law of the Guilty

Hunting Horn

Gigginox Sub HH Weapon Path

Indent01 Bloodcurtler
IndentIndent01 Bloodfreezer

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