The Armor

The Baggi armor is made mostly of Great Baggi and Baggi materials, along with some ice crystal, small monster bone and some Killer Beetles and Carpenter Bugs. The armor offers a low defence and a strong resistance to ice. The Vest and the Coat need s Leader's Crest, which can be obtained from breaking Great Baggi's Crest.

Armor Skills

The Baggi Armor offers the following skills without being gemmed:

  • Attack Up (Small)
  • Damage Rec Spd+1 Red portion of health recovers 2x faster than usual.

The Armor offers the Ice Attack when it's gemmed with 1 Ice Attack jewels.

By gemming the armor with 1 Ice Attack jewels, 1 Recovery Speed and 2 Attack Jewels you get the following skills:

  • Attack Up (Medium)
  • Damage Rec Spd+2 Red portion of health recovers 4x faster than usual.
  • Ice Attack +1

Items Needed

Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Head1Baggi Cap Great Baggi Hide (3), Great Baggi Claw (2), Baggi Scale (3), Isisium (2) 1650z
Chest1Baggi Vest Leader's Crest (1), Great Baggi Claw (1), Baggi Hide (2), Pelagicite Ore (2) 1650z
Hands1Baggi Guards Great Baggi Claw (2), Great Baggi Hide(3), Baggi Hide (2), Isisium (2) 1650z
Waist1Baggi Coat Great Baggi Hide (2), Leader's Crest (1), Sleep Sac (3), Pelagicite Ore (2) 1350z
Legs1Baggi Leggings Baggi Hide (4), Baggi Scale (4), Small Monster Bone (6), Lightcrystal (1) 1650z
Total Leader's Crest (2), Great Baggi Claw (5), Great Baggi Hide (8), Sleep Sac (3), Baggi Scale (7), Baggi Hide (8), Small Monster Bone (6), Isisium (4), Pelagicite Ore (4), Lightcrystal (1) 8250z

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