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Baelidae are Carapaceons introduced in Monster Hunter Online.

MHO-Baelidae Render 001


Its back seems to be either a pattern that looks like a monster's head, or a skull of an unknown monster. The eye sockets on its back turns red when enraged.


Baelidae uses its large claws to attack and knock down enemies. These claws are Baelidae's primary means of attack, but it is also capable of spitting out a silk like substance.

When Baelidae spits out silk, it can also leave silk trails on the ground. If the hunter walks over these, they will get Silked. It can also use its silk to swing itself around while hitting enemies with its large claws.


Baelidae can be seen within the Hermit Forest.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
None None Logo-MHO (2013)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Baelidae Icon 十脚目,短尾下目,狩蛛上科。杂食类。能够以蛛网束缚目标并且用尖利的前爪进行切割。而恐怖的外貌和神秘的习性,也让它们在一些亚人文明中,被当作神来崇拜。
Threat Level (危険度): !!

Breakable Parts



  • Its silk can cause hunters to get Silked, which slows down hunters dramatically.
    • The silk can also trap hunters in a silk like ball that makes them incapable of moving, similar to Nerscylla.
  • Baelidae's abdomen and claws can be broken.

  • This monster is unlocked at Level 13.

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