Great Sword Icon Yellow
Azure Serpentblade / 蛇剣【蒼蛇】

MHST-Great Sword Render 015

Attack: 30
Special: N/A
Affinity: 3%
Defense: N/A
Rarity: 3
Skill: Nimble Slash
Description: プレイスプレイドを手本とし、ドスランポスの鋭い爪で作成し蛇の頭を模した大剣。

Great Sword reminiscent of a snake's head. Modeled after the Ravager Blade, it is made using the sharp fangs of the Velocidrome.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Level: Attack: Special: Affinity: Defense: Materials: Cost:
LV1 30 None 3% None Velocidrome x7pts (?)
LV2 38 None 3% None Velocidrome x5pts
Velcociprey Scale x20pts
LV3 46 None 3% None Velocidrome x8pts
Iodrome x10pts
LV4 54 None 3% None Velocidrome x12pts
Gargwa Feather x2pts
MAX 62 None 3% None Velocidrome x15pts
Nargacuga x10pts

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> Azure Serpentblade >> Upgrades Into:
None Great Sword Icon Red Vile Serpentblade (MAX)
MHST: Great Sword Weapon Tree

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