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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - G1★ Arzuros guide アオアシラ-2

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - G1★ Arzuros guide アオアシラ-2

Arzuros is the most probably the first large monster you will have to kill in the game in the village quests. It is a pelagus type and you can read more about it on the Aoshira page. This guide is for the beginners who are having trouble in killing or capturing it.


You don't need any special armour or weapons to beat it. Just use the armour you have and any weapon. I prefer SnS. Just carry some potions and whetstones because the sharpness of the weapon is very important. Take everything from the supply box though because rations are also required.


Arzuros usually starts in the 5th area. Usually Arzuros will roar and charge at you, dodge this charge and never attack Arzuros from the front as it can pin you down which causes a lot of damage. Slash it when it has just stopped after the charge and quickly roll away. It will again attack and when it has, again attack it and roll away. Keep on doing this until it leaves the area. When your health is low then don't just stand next to it and drink potions. Let it execute some long attack like the claw swipes then drink the potions and when the Arzuros is in the area same as you, I advise not to sharpen your weapon as it leaves vulnerable for long time. When the Arzuros leaves the area after fighting you, it leaves because it is weak. It will go to the 6th area to eat fishes or to any area to regain health and stamina. Follow it and again follow the same procedure of attacking it and after ome attacks it will die. If you want to capture it then when it is weak it will start limping to the next area. Go to the area where it is going and set the trap. When it comes to the area lead it towards the trap and when he goes into the trap throw two tranquilizer balls at him. You will have captured the Arzuros. Capturing gets you more rewards. Arzuros can be easily fought and killed if you are able to dodge quickly.

Written by Achint510.