Collection of artful videos revolving around the MH universe.

CAPCOM Concept Art

Video Description

"Collection of interesting MH images" by ViLeDeth on YouTube. An old video that shows older concept monsters like Hypnocatrice, Lavasioth, Espinas and Teostra. Also shows different colors or styles of the final monsters, like the Green Plesioth, Kirin, and Gypceros. There are also other completely new ideas, like the "Crypt Hydra" and "Equal Dragon Weapon" that have yet to be used.

"Monster Hunter Concept Art" by newgoldenknight.

"Monster Hunter armour concept art" by newgoldenknight.

"Monster Hunter Encyclopedia" Pictures From The Web Site, Made By HipHopBandicoot.


Video Description

"Monster Hunter Art" by rodriguesCR7.

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