The Armory Granny (Japanese 工房のばあちゃん) is one of the people that have learnt how to craft from the Legendary Artisan.



She is a kind, elderly woman.


Not much is known about the Armory Granny's past, however, she is one of the few humans that have actually learnt how to use the smithy techniques of a Wyverian. Though said to be impossible for humans to learn these skills by Wyverians, the Armory Granny has not only perfect them, but has also mastered them. She now puts the skills into working at workshop within Jumbo Village and occasionally other places, while traveling.


The Armory Granny usually wears kimono under her workshop gear. On her left hand, she wears a glove made from Rathian parts so she can handle hot iron, while in her right hand, she usually holds to a small iron hammer.

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