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1[Hunter's Guild Notice -Account Items-]

The Hunter's Guild would like to extend its deepest thanks for your continued patronage of the Account Item system.

2The Guild's Account Item Management Committee has recently announced a switch to acceptance of Account Items at any time. Even during a Quest, we will happily account for the items in your possession.
3Requesting this account check is simple. All you have to do is bring your Account Items to the red Delivery Box found in your base camp during a Quest and press the (circle) button. At that time, all Account Items in your possession will be accounted for.
4However, be aware that during a Delivery Quest, if your target is an Account Item, Delivery will take precedence over the Guild. If you obtain more of the target item than required by the Quest, these items will be accounted for via the normal procedure after you have fulfilled your delivery obligations.
5Previously, there were cases where you would have to discard Account Items during a Quest because your pack had no more room for these items. However, if you could account for your items when you return to camp to rest of recover your Supply Items, the Account Item Management Committee would be quite grateful.
6There are many types of Account Items. From the often found Special Mushroom to the occasional Wyvern Tear that falls from a monster, or the Health-draining Khezu Whelps to the difficult to carry Wyvern Egg, you can rest easy knowing the rarity and difficulty in obtaining each item will be reflected in the reward paid to each hunter.
7The Hunter's Guild Account Item Management Committee looks forward to your continued patronage.

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