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MH4: Item List

Icon Name Rarity Capacity Sell Value Buy Value
MH4G-Medicine Icon Blue
1 x10 6z 60z


MH4 Acquirement Methods

MH4 Combinations

Item 1 Item 2 Amount Percentage
Template:I-Antidote Herb Template:I-Blue Mushroom x1 95%

MH4 Hunters for Hire Quests

Quest Name Rank Reward Type Amount Percentage
ゲリョスを狩猟せよ! Gathering Hall 1★ Reward A 1 16%
気高き女王・リオレイア Gathering Hall 2★ Reward A 1 10%
ドクターのドス毒研究 Gathering Hall 3★ Reward A 1 18%

MH4 Veggie Elder

Item to Trade Location Percentage
None Primal Forest 5%

MH4 Crafting and Uses

MH4 Combinations

Product Item 2 Amount Percentage
Template:I-Antidote Horn Template:I-Field Horn x1 65%

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