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Anteka are Herbivores introduced in Monster Hunter 2.

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Anteka is commonly perceived as the snowy region's counterpart to the Kelbi of the forest and jungle regions. It walks on four hoofed feet and sports a large, impressive pair of antlers upon its head.


Anteka are territorial when provoked and will often retaliate by charging at attackers with their antlers.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MHF2 (2007) Logo-MH2 (2006) Logo-MHX JP (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 / Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
MHFU-Anteka Icon Herbivorous monsters living in the snowy mountains. Normally docile, but when provoked it will attack with its giant antlers. Its high quality pelt has many uses and its antlers are highly valued by the Guild.
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Anteka Icon 寒冷地に生息する草食モンスター。普段はおとなしいが、不用意に近づくと、巨大な角を振り立てて攻撃してくる。良質な毛皮は利用価値が高く、角はギルドでも珍重される。めまい状態にすると、角を剥ぎ取りやすいとか。
Threat Level (危険度):
Monster Hunter 3 G / Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Anteka Icon 寒冷地に生息する草食モンスター。普段はおとなしいが、不用意に近づくと、巨大な角を振り立てて攻撃してくる。良質な毛皮は利用価値が高く、角はギルドでも珍重される。めまい状態にすると、角を剥ぎ取りやすいとか。
Herbivores that live in cold climates. Generally docile, though they have been known to attack when threatened. Their high-quality pelts have many uses, and their antlers are highly prized by the guild. Simply stun the creatures to easily harvest one.
Threat Level (危険度):
Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Anteka Icon (?)
Threat Level (危険度):
Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Anteka Icon (?)
Monster Hunter Online
(?) (?)

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