Anjanath is a Brute Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

MHW-Anjanath Render 001


Anjanath has a pink face, somewhat resembling a Vulture, along with pink scales covering its underbelly. Its hind legs are powerful and muscular, while its front limbs are much smaller and mostly useless. Black proto-feathers cover Anjanath's back, front limbs, and legs, which give it an appearance similar to the most recent depictions of some theropod dinosaurs like T-rex.


Anjanath has powerful jaws that allow it to rip apart foes, along with a powerful nose used for smelling out prey. It also has the ability to breath fire from its maw.


Anjanath are relentless predators that will chase down anything that dares attack them. Once they've been provoked, Anjanath won't let an enemy get away easily.


Anjanath can be seen inhabiting the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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  • Anjanath's head, legs, nostrils, and arms can be wounded. Its tail can also be severed.
  • When enraged, Anjanath will breath heavily and reveal its nostrils. It will also occasionally flash small fins from its back.
  • Anjanath is based on the most recent theories for dinosaurs having fur/feathers.[1]
  • In the Ancient Forest, Anjanath is in the middle of the food chain. So far, it is only outclassed by Rathalos in that location.[2]
  • Once enraged, Anjanath will chase down any foe in its way. It will even chase hunters into other areas, following them without a second thought.[3]
  • If Anjanath's throat is attacked while it's glowing red, Anjanath will fall over and drop a shiny, and the throat will turn back to normal.
  • Anjanath leaves behind a mucus-like substance in order to marks its territory.


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