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Animals (Japanese 動物) are minor organisms that can be seen throughout the Monster Hunter world commonly.

MHP3-Misty Peaks Screenshot 007

What Animal Species Live In The MH World?

It is said that all animal species that live in our world, also thrive in the World of Monster Hunter. These species maybe rarely seen in some cases, but a few can be encountered in some common locations during certain times of the day. For example, in the Misty Peaks at night, hunters can occasionally see owls in some hollow trees or hear them hooting.

Animal Species That Have Been Identified In MH

Unusual Animal Species Identified In MH

Though the Monster Hunter universe has the same animal species as in our world, there are a few species that can't be found in our world.

Giant Eagles

Occasionally, in the Forest and Hills/Verdant Hills, eyewitnesses are known to see these Giant Eagles living high up in the skies. These birds of prey are about as large as Rathalos, however, they are known to sometimes fight Rathalos in the sky or even become his prey.

Jungle Gharial

Jungle Gharial (Japanese ジャングルガビアル) are giant crocodilians known to live in the water ways of the Old Jungle. These reptiles can reach lengths up to ten meters (Roughly, thirty three feet), making them quite large compared to some of the largest crocodiles. Though they are large, Jungle Gharial are known to be the favorite prey of Plesioth.

Monkey Fox

Monkey Fox (Japanese 猿狐) are a species that were recently discovered, alongside Kecha Wacha and Ash Kecha Wacha. Nothing is really known about the species, other than the fact that the Kecha Wacha species greatly resemble them.


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