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In-Game Information

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A legendary elder dragon spotted on Sacred Pinnacle. An avatar of storms in the folklore of Yukumo Village, Amatsu's appearance is accompanied by furious cyclones and horrific storms. Its fearsome power is said to outscale that of natural disasters.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Storm Dragon
  • Family: Amatsu

Amatsu is as an Elder Dragon that swims in storms. Its closest known relative is likely Shantien.

Habitat Range

Amatsu appears in the Misty Peaks every year. In this area, it is known to claim the mountains from the Zinogre that live in them.

Ecological Niche

Like most other Elder Dragons, Amatsu's role in the ecological niche is unknown.

Biological Adaptations

The average size of an Amatsu is 3133.8cm. The Amatsu has a large number of fins and wings along its body, which contribute to its ability to fly smoothly through the air. Its horns are large compared to the size of its head, much closer to the size of the fins. These horns show that nothing will attack Amatsu due to its sheer power. Its forearms are long, they are slender and designed for flight, not for walking. The amount of webbing in its fins and wings makes the Amatsu seem larger than it actually is, as they billow out in the wind. Its actual body structure is very close to a Leviathan, long and curvy, with small back legs and a fairly large tail. Its control over storms surpasses even that of Kushala Daora, this power comes from a unique jade colored organ called the "Storm Vesicle". This organ stores large amounts of water and is how Amatsu is able to produce its terrifying storms. Unlike Kushala Daora, its wind aura does not protect it from attacks; instead, it seems to be used more aggressively as a way of making its charging attacks more dangerous. Its most deadly form of attack is a massive beam of wind and water fired from its mouth; when the beam hits the ground, it releases a torrent of water on anything nearby the point of impact.

Once a Amatsu dies, the storm it made will dissipate within seconds. Showing this unique hard jade colored organ has great power.

Though Amatsu control the water element, some individuals are able to use the Dragon Element.


Living mainly in the sky and mountain tops, the Amatsu is a mainly passive Elder Dragon, but the frequency that it creates storms is dependent on its mood. It does not take kindly to anything invading its airspace, as shown when it shoots down an airship on a discovery mission. When truly angered, it does not calm down easily. It is also known to take claim of a resting ground for its territory going as far as chasing out predators as powerful as groups of Zinogre if it wants their home as its own.