Total Defense
Initial Defense: 170
Final Defense: 310
Fire Res: +5
Water Res: +10
Thundr Res: -10
Ice Res: -5
Dragon Res: -5
Other information
Rarity: 4
Total Slots: 8
Skill Effects
Skill 1: Critical Eye +2
Skill 2: Trap Master
Skill 3: Speed Sharpening
Skill 4: n/a
Skill 5: n/a
Armor Pieces
Head: Alloy Helm+
Torso: Alloy Mail+
Gauntlets: Alloy Vambraces+
Waist: Alloy Faulds+
Leggings: Alloy Greaves+

Defense Name Slots Required materials
[1] 34~62 Alloy Helm+ OO Bathycite Ore x1, Carbalite Ore x2, Dragonite Ore x5, Pelagicite Ore x3 7100z
[2] 34~62 Alloy Mail+ OO Bathycite Ore x3, Carbalite Ore x3, Machalite Ore x7, Iron Ore x10 7100z
[3] 34~62 Alloy Vambraces+ OO Bathycite Ore x4, Carbalite Ore x5, Machalite Ore x7, Earth Crystal x7 7100z
[4] 34~62 Alloy Faulds+ OO Bathycite Ore x1, Carbalite Ore x3, Dragonite Ore x5, Pelagicite Ore x3 7100z
[5] 34~62 Alloy Greaves+ ---

Bathycite Ore x5, Carbalite Ore x7, Firestone x3, Isisium x5


Total needed: Bathycite Ore x14 Carbalite Ore x20 Dragonite Ore x10 Pelagicite Ore x6 Machalite Ore x14 Iron Ore x10 Earth Crystal x7 Pelagicite Ore x3 Firestone x3 Isisium x5

Skills:Critical Eye +2, Trap Master, Speed Sharpening Resistance: +5 Fire, +10 Water, -5 Ice, -10 Thunder, -5 Dragon


The greaves will give you Turso up. put expert gems in the Mail + and you will have expert +3 after that you will have 6 remaining slots so far the best I found is to gem it with protection +2 will only cost you 1 slot each you will end up with Critical eye +3, Trap master, Speed Sharpening, and protection up. you could use a 2 slot talisam and gem out 3 more slots for something better but i have not found anything really worth while that doesn't also have a large negative effect. example hearing, attack is good but small increase something i would like would be sharpness but such a large negative effect.]]

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