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This article lists all possible carves from an Alatreon in every Monster Hunter game it has appeared in.

Monster Hunter 3

Item List

Unique Materials that are obtainable from an Alatreon in Monster Hunter 3.

Japanese Name Rarity Value Item Description
ItemIcon021g 煌黒龍の堅逆殻 Alatreon Scute 6 5380z A unique plate that repels all attacks, turning some back upon the assailant.
ItemIcon036a 煌黒龍の尖爪 Alatreon Talon 6 3420z A talon so sharp one cannot even predict the strength of weapons made from it.
ItemIcon054e 煌黒龍の翼膜 Alatreon Webbing 6 7200z At times this looks like a dark abyss; at others, like the coming of first light.
ItemIcon021g 煌黒龍の尻尾 Alatreon Tail 5 9720z Most thought Alatreon only existed in legend, but you have another tail to tell.
ItemIcon011f 煌黒龍の逆鱗 Alatreon Plate 6 2960z This particular Alatreon scale grows in backwards. It is as sharp as a blade.
ItemIcon036a 砕けた天角 Brkn Skypiercer 6 3800z Part of an Alatreon's convoluted horns. The pieces break easily when carved.
ItemIcon036a 天をつらぬく角 Skypiercer 6 7426z Part of an Alatreon's convoluted horns.
ItemIcon007g 瑠璃色の龍玉 Azure Dragongem 7 10000z The fact that you are even holding this legendary jewel means you are FINISHED.

Carve Rates

Upper Rank

Body Carves (x6)
Item Name
Alatreon Scute 33%
Alatreon Plate 29%
Alatreon Talon 17%
Brkn Skypiercer 10%
ElderDragonBlood 8%
Azure Dragongem 3%
Tail Carves (x2)
Alatreon Tail 58%
Alatreon Plate 38%
Azure Dragongem 4%
Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Brkn Skypiercer 57%
Alatreon Plate 28%
Skypiercer 15%
Alatreon Talon 62%
Alatreon Plate 33%
Alatreon Plate x2 5%
Wings Alatreon Webbing 53%
Alatreon Scute 30%
Alatreon Plate 17%

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Carve Rates

High Rank Guild

Body Carves (x6)
Item Name Translated %
煌黒龍の堅逆殻 Alatreon Scute 33%
煌黒龍の逆鱗 Alatreon Plate 29%
煌黒龍の尖爪 Alatreon Talon 17%
砕けた天角 Brkn Skypiercer 10%
古龍の血 ElderDragonBlood 8%
瑠璃色の龍玉 Azure Dragongem 3%
Tail Carves (x2)
Item Name Translated %
煌黒龍の尻尾 Alatreon Tail 60%
煌黒龍の逆鱗 Alatreon Plate 36%
瑠璃色の龍玉 Azure Dragongem 4%

Break Horns
Item Name Translated %
砕けた天角 Brkn Skypiercer 50%
天をつらぬく角 Skypiercer 40%
煌黒龍の逆鱗 Alatreon Plate 10%
Break Claws
Item Name Translated %
煌黒龍の尖爪 Alatreon Talon 52%
煌黒龍の逆鱗 Alatreon Plate 33%
煌黒龍の尖爪*2 Alatreon Talon x2 10%
煌黒龍の逆鱗*2 Alatreon Plate x2 5%

Break Wings
Item Name Translated %
煌黒龍の翼膜 Alatreon Webbing 53%
煌黒龍の堅逆殻 Alatreon Scute 30%
煌黒龍の逆鱗 Alatreon Plate 17%

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