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Akura Jebia
English: None
Japanese: アクラ・ジェビア
(Akura Jebia)
Nicknames: Jebia
English: None
Japanese: 灰晶蠍
General Information
Species: Carapaceon
Element/s: None
Ailment/s: StatusEffect-Crystal Crystallization
StatusEffect29 Paralysis
Weakest to: None
Weakness Sign: Limping, Red Blood
Signature Move: Claw Swing
Habitats: Swamp, Desert
Monster Size: Gold Crown Large 2600 cm
Gold Crown Small 1600 cm
Monsters in Relation: Akura Vashimu
Generation: Frontier

The Akura Jebia is a Carapaceon introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 3.5.

FrontierGen-Akura Jebia Render 001


Whereas Akura Vashimu features purple crystals, Akura Jebia is mostly covered in white and blue crystals. It has a characteristic horn on its face that the Akura Vashimu lacks.


Akura Jebia is stronger and faster than Akura Vashimu.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Monster Hunter Frontier Event Akura Jebia


Whilst Akura Jebia is normally exclusively found in the Swamp, Capcom released a one-day Event Quest on April 1, 2011 where it could be found in the Desert. This Akura Jebia had a vastly enlarged tail crystal, but no other major differences.

HC Akura Jebia

FrontierGen-HC Akura Jebia Render 001


Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
None Logo-MHFOS3.0 JP (2008) Logo-MHF-G8 (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
Akura Jebia Icon (?)


  • When Akura Jebias tail is cut instead of behaving like Akura Vashimu in the same situation, Akura Jebia will grow crystals from the tail stub covered in blood, It is able to launch these spikes as blood covered exploding projectiles in a wave.

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