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High Rank [1]
From Item Name Chance
Body Akantor Scale 40%
Akantor Shell 20%
Akantor Claw 10%
Firecell Stone 20%
Akantor Fang 10%
Tail Akantor Tail 70%
Akantor Scale 30%


High Rank Guild

Body Carves (x4)
Item Name Translated %
覇竜の上鱗 Akantor Scale 38%
覇竜の堅殻 Akantor Shell 35%
覇竜の剛爪 Akantor Claw 10%
獄炎石 Firecell Stone 10%
覇竜の大牙 Akantor Fang 5%
覇竜の宝玉 Akantor Jewel 2%
Tail Carves (x2)
Item Name Translated %
覇竜の尻尾 Akantor Tail 80%
覇竜の上鱗 Akantor Scale 20%

Break Fangs
Item Name Translated %
覇竜の大牙 Akanor Fang 78%
覇竜の上鱗 Akantor Scale 18%
覇竜の宝玉 Akantor Jewel 4%
Break Claws
Item Name Translated %
覇竜の剛爪 Akantor Claw 80%
覇竜の剛爪*2 Akantor Claw x2 10%
覇竜の堅殻 Akantor Shell 10%

Break Stomach
Item Name Translated %
覇竜の上鱗 Akantor Scale 56%
覇竜の堅殻 Akantor Shell 28%
獄炎石*2 Firecell Stone x2 10%
覇竜の宝玉 Akantor Jewel 6%
Break Back Spikes
Item Name Translated %
覇竜の大棘 Akantor Spike 80%
覇竜の堅殻 Akantor Shell 20%

Shiny Drop
Item Name Translated %
竜の大粒ナミダ Wyvern Sobs 75%
覇竜の堅殻 Akantor Shell 12%
獄炎石 Firecell Stone 8%
覇竜の大棘 Akantor Spike 5%

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