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1[Hunter's Guild Special Report]

An urgent communication to all hunters associated with the Guild... We have confirmed the rumors that a previously unknown wyvern is approaching... We request the assistance of all within the Guild's borders.

2Villages have already been damaged heavily, and scores of casualties have been reported. It is confirmed the wyvern is currently in the interior of the Volcanic Belt. The Guild has posted lookouts to confirm that it has not left the area.
3While all powerful hunters in the area have already been given a Quest to slay the beast, we request even those hunters unknown to the Guild to take up the challenge. However, we are limiting this request to those with a Hunter Rank of 6 or above.
4This wyvern's pitch black body is covered in magnificent fangs and a shell encrusted with spines that jut out into the air. It is also known to be unequivocally brutal, with no difference between its offensive and passive states.
5It must be noted that even eyewitnesses have been thrown into disarray, leading to many doubts about the authenticity of some reports. Rumors are rife, such as the beast running rampant over other wyverns in the volcanic belt, or numerous hunters being blown away by its terrible roar...
6It is without question; however, that enormous amounts of damage have been caused, and that this wyvern has the unimaginable power to cause chaos. Those proceeding with plans to slay the beast must be absolutely and totally prepared for the encounter.
7Addendum: According to the Elder Dragon Observation Center reports, this wyvern is known as Akantor. This information comes according to information passed down in the frontier lands.

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