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Armor Piece Slots Description
MH3icon-Helm Agnaktor Helm+ --- Head armor made of Agnaktor parts. Imbued with flames that scorch the heavens.
MH3icon-Plate Agnaktor Mail+ O Chest armor made of Agnaktor parts. Effective enough to resist even magma.
MH3icon-Gauntlets Agnaktor Vambraces+
Armguards made of Agnaktor parts. Their scarlet glimmer stirs hidden powers to wake.
MH3icon-Waist Agnaktor Faulds+
Waist armor made of Agnaktor parts. Its vermillion plate can snuff out any fire.
MH3icon-Leggings Agnaktor Greaves+ OO Leg armor made of Agnaktor parts. One step, and nothing but scorched earth remains.


Materials Required Cost
MH3icon-Helm AgnaktorCarapace x4, Agnaktor Hide+ x6, Agnaktor Scale x16, Agnaktor Beak x3 19800z
MH3icon-Plate Agnaktor Hide+ x8, Agnaktor Fin+ x3, Agnaktor Scale x7, Firecell Stone x3 19800z
MH3icon-Gauntlets Agnaktor Claw+ x6, AgnaktorCarapace x12, Agnaktor Fin+ x6, Rath Medulla x3 19800z
MH3icon-Waist AgnaktorCarapace x4, Agnaktor Fin+ x6, Agnaktor Scale x7, Agnaktor Tail x5 19800z
MH3icon-Leggings Agnaktor Hide+ x14, AgnaktorCarapace x5, Agnaktor Claw+ x4, Rathalos Scale+ x8 19800z


AgnaktorCarapace x25, Agnaktor Hide+ x28, Agnaktor Scale x30, Agnaktor Fin+ x15, Agnaktor Claw+ x10, Rathalos Scale+ x8, Agnaktor Beak x3, Agnaktor Tail x5, Firecell Stone x3, Rath Medulla x3,


Armor Stats


Fir Wat Ice Thn Drg
MH3icon-Helm 62 78 5 -4 -2 1 0
MH3icon-Plate 62 78 5 -4 -2 1 0
MH3icon-Gauntlets 62 78 5 -4 -2 1 0
MH3icon-Waist 62 78 5 -4 -2 1 0
MH3icon-Leggings 62 78 5 -4 -2 1 0
TOTAL 310 390 25 -20 -10 5 0


Skill Skill Points Skill Effects
MH3icon-Helm MH3icon-Plate MH3icon-Gauntlets MH3icon-Waist MH3icon-Leggings Total
Guard +5 +5 +2 +1 +2 +15 Guard+2
Sharpness +3 +2 +1 +2 +2 +10 Razor Sharp
Flame Aura +3 +1 +1 +1 +4 +10 Flaming Aura
Stamina -2 -1 -3 -3 -1 -10 Short Sprinter


  • This armor should be one of the main goals upon reaching Hunter Rank 40 if you are a Lance user. If you are an SnS user overforged Lagiacrus armor is the optimal choice.
  • Guard+2 allows a Lance user to consume less stamina while blocking and helps stand ground against heavier attacks.
  • Razor Sharp is particularly good at this point in the game (HR40-50) because a few Lances have sliver's of Blue or White sharpness.
  • This armor set is very gem-friendly. If you use a weapon or talisman with 1 gem slot, it will give you a total of 10 gem slots which is very beneficial due to the fact that you can gem in a large amount of skills, and even 2 skills at once. Like the Speed Sharpening skill, and Speed Setup/Capture Guru skill, which only take 5 gem slots to activate the skill.
  • This armor has the ability to be gemmed for Evasion+2, if you have a talisman with +5 evasion. Which is good if you like to use "Evasion Lancing". Evasion+2 is generally unnecessary as it only adds a few frames (2-3) of invincibility versus Evasion+1. With an Evasion+6 talisman you can gem in Evasion+1, one C-Skill, and gem out Short-Sprinter.
  • Since Short Sprinter is a minimal skill some players prefer to keep it instead of gemming it out, allowing for a greater choice of gemming options. The following armour set created for use with a 2 slot lance is an example of this.
  • Another way to gem this is for the Guard Up Skill which lets you block attacks previously unblockable, like Alatreon's fireball. This could take a while to get since it requires a Wyvern Stone. This armor set also gets rid of Short Sprinter.
  • Another possibility is to combine it with damascus parts to get a guard+2, guard boost, punishing draw and health +50, which are great for "tanking".

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