Ad hoc party psp

Adhoc Party is a game/program people can download on the PlayStation 3 that allows the users to play PlayStation Portable Monster Hunter games over the internet with other people who use also use AdHoc Party.

(Note: This program works with other Adhoc able games asides from the Monster Hunter series too.)


  • The PS3 must be hooked up to the users' router/modem via an ethernet cable in order for Adhoc Party to function. It cannot simply use the wifi for internet connection.
  • Users may need to go into the network connection option on the PS3 main menu and manually toggle a direct connection.
  • There is a way users can make their Ps3 think its wired by bridging a connection to a laptop or computer via an ethernet cable.
  • Adhoc Party is now available for download from the PlayStation Network in North America.