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So! You've got questions about Skills, huh!? Very well then! I'll give you some insight into another one of my areas of expertise, activating Skills! Don't forget, an article with information about specific skills is in a separate section!


Skills are activated by gathering Skill Points and can be acquired in two different ways. Skill Points are assigned to an individual piece of armor during crafting. Points are also assigned to Decorations that can be placed into slots on both weapons and armor.


Even if you don't really pay attention to each individual item's armor points, each item has an allotment, and completing a set of armor made from one monster's materials is sure to activate a number of skills.


If you feel you are lacking Skill Points, you can supplement your allotment with Decorations. There are up to three slots to place Decorations, and you can find these slots on not only armor, but also weapons. Check the details to see how many are available.


Once you exceed 10 Skill Points, you will activate a skill. Depending on the armor, saving up 20 or more points will activate more potent skills, though you could also activate a skill with a negative impact if your Skill Points hit -10. It seems whenever you try to activate a great skill, some bad always comes with the good.


If you want details on individual skills, it is best to consult the separate section that has been prepared. you can check the armor's Skill Points by viewing the Equipment Details in the Menu, or pressing the Square button in the Crafting Shop to view Skill Details. It's always best to inspect things!

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