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The Ace Lancer (Japanese 筆頭ランサー) is a Guild Knight that is a part of the Ace Hunters.

MH4-Ace Lancer Render 001


He can be best described as a man filled with wisdom. The Ace Lancer acts as a teacher for newer hunters.


The Ace Lancer is a veteran hunter and biologist. He is greatly trusted by the Hunter's Guild, other corporations, and by his team, especially by the Ace Commander, from his perfect track record on each mission he has done. The Ace Lancer has a great understanding on monsters, such as Gore Magala and Chameleos, from his years of experience. Through those years, he has mastered the Lance and Gunlance as a hunter, along with trained Ace Palicoes used by some lucky hunters.


The Ace Lancer usually wears an unknown golden armor with his Babel Spear.


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