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Absolute Island
Identifed By: Geysers
Weather: Likely humid because of volcanic activity and the ocean.
Common Small Monsters: None
Common Large Monsters: Raviente, Violent Raviente
Known Absolute Island Locations: Multiple small islands reachable by geysers

The Absolute Island (絶島) is a new area introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier version 7.0. It is three extremely remote islands being inhabited only by Raviente and are characterized by multiple signs of volcanic activity such as geysers and acid pools. Beyond the Island stretches an ocean. Travel to this area is by Caravan airship.

Its possible on the second island to step over a geyser and wait for it to blast hunters across the whole area or on certain geysers blast hunters off the island onto a smaller one out of reach from direct attacks of Raviente. These islands include a mining location island and a hot springs island.


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