NOTE: On page one they made a typo on it, it says "fourth part" on the game, but actually its the fifth part for "About the Swamp" also says the "fourth part" as well.

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1[Minegarde Geography -5-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. This is the record of my life's research. The fourth part of this research is on the Volcanic Belt.

2The Volcanic Belt is a land where the harsh nature of volcanic rock has killed off all the vegetation. The energy sapping heat is also known to have killed many who travel into the zone. Thus, it is necessary to properly prepare for any trips into this area.
3However, this is not to say that there is a lack of life in the Volcanic Belt. Quite the contrary. Fire Herbs grow in abundance in the volcanic rock. Moreover, the fortitude enhancing Armor Seed can only be found in the Volcanic Belt.
4The main characteristic of the zone is the overwhelming abundance of ore. From rocky areas, to caves, to the mouth of volcanoes themselves, it is possible to gather various types of ores. There is never a shortage of hunters trudging up the mountain with pickaxes in tow.
5You should beware the powerful wyvern Gravios, as well the rock like Basarios. Both of these wyverns have exceptionally hard shells that can make it difficult to damage them with normal weapons.
6Beyond wyverns, Ioprey are often spotted in this zone. These small red monsters are equipped with a powerful nausea inducing poison, so great care should be exercised when dealing with these beasts.

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