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1[How About Some Group Training]

Ahh! So we meet again! it is I, your esteemed instructor! Hello to all my new guests. Today, I will instruct you on the details of Group Training.

2I've heard calls from the young, hot-blooded hunters... They say, "I want to learn how to play well with other hunters!" Well, I say to them that their esteemed instructor has developed the world's first plan to make their dream a reality! (Editor's Note: A similar program was founded many years ago in Dondruma.)
3All those wishing to join in this endeavor need only come to the Training School entrance and scream "Train me in the ways of group hunting!" I have specially constructed a special Gathering Hall just for Training School purposes, allowing my pupils to wait for other hunters in relative comfort.
4Ahh, yes. I must mention the latest craze to sweep over the Training School - Time Attack. Your best results will be recorded on your Guild Card, so i recommend rounding up some hunting comrades and giving this new craze a try yourself. It is a great way of competing with rivals, but don't think for one minute that it is a shortcut to real practice!
5I cannot wait to meet all of my devoted fans ad readers in the future! I am always waiting to receive their adoration and esteem at my beloved training hall!

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