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*cough* I am the esteemed instructor of the Pokke Training School. I am currently looking for as many students as possible to join my hunter's training school. It was ten years ago that this school started with a dream... (Editor's Note: Edited due to rampant verbosity.)

2... a dream held by hunters who burn with the desires of youth, a dream held by those who wish to become real hunters, a dream held by hunters looking to perfect their skills, a dream held by hunters looking to tie their hopes onto me in their three legged race to first class status! The gate to my Training School is always open, especially to my fans!
3Currently, the Training School is holding a special campaign entitled 'Helping Hunters With a Dream'. All hunters who join now can borrow weapons and engage in man to man lectures. You will receive my thorough support! Just come to the Training School Entrance and shout out, "Teach me, oh mighty esteemed instructor!"
4For those looking to learn battle tactics, I recommend Battle Training. You will face a monster one on one, allowing you to polish your techniques. Since this can be a bit scary, I won't introduce you to anything too dangerous, I promise. Ladies and gentlemen, grant me the honor of training you to complete the Village Chief's Quests.
5For those who have already acquired a sense of battle tactics, I recommend the Special Training course of classes. With practice in areas with ever changing climates, it creates a sense of reality during training. If you can clear these Quests, you will have more than earned the right to call yourself a hunter.
6Furthermore the Training School has several special rules that you must be aware of:

1) Weapons and armor are for training use.

2)Items gathered are different than usual.

3)Items carved from monsters are different. For beginner's training, some of the items acquired will be similar to those found on a normal quest.

7There is one more point I'd like to cover. The Training School is located to the northwest of Pokke Village. Also, the skills that you may have acquired at the Felyne Kitchen, called Felyne Whim Skills, do not apply when at this school. Real training is about molding the real you.
8There are so many more things I'd like to tell you about the school that it is going to take another section to get through it all, but if you want to learn everything there is to know about the school, I suggest you come by and visit. I will see you all soon at the Training School!

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