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1[Minegarde Geography -4-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. This is the record of my life's research. The fourth part of this research is on the Swamp zone.

2The Swamp zone is a narrow strip of damp and humid marshlands enveloped in mist, characterized by the presence of caves. These caves, are very cold, so without adequate protection from these extreme temperatures stamina will be quickly depleted. However, the caves are also a great source of ore, so they are often visited by hunters.
3One of the best ways to protect against the cold is by consuming a Hot Drink. By warming the interior of the body, it is able to curb sudden decreases in stamina. You can also counter-act the cold by wearing armor with high heat retention.
4Due to the high humidity in the region, there are a large variety of mushrooms that can be gathered. For instance, Toadstools and Nitroshrooms are said to be quite abundant in the region. Due to their ability to be combined with many things, these mushrooms are considered a necessity for every hunter.
5One should be cautious with the albino wyverns that dwell in the caves. There is little definitive evidence of these white monsters, but they are said to be eyeless beasts that appear suddenly and strike with strong thunder attacks. However, the facts are hard to discern from rumors.
6One must also beware of the many wyverns from the volcano that slip into the area. Aside from wyverns, eye-witness reports state that herds of Bullfango have been spotted, so caution is a prerequisite for traveling the Swamp zone.

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