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1[Explanation of the Guild Card]

Let's take this opportunity to introduce the Guild Card carried by hunters.

2[What is the Guild Card?]

The Guild Card is your hunter's ID. Besides your name, it lists what Quests you have completed, what Treasures you have collected, and what monsters you have slayed.

3You can do the following things with a Guild Card.

You can examine the Guild Card you have in your possession. You can also examine Guild Cards that you have obtained from other hunters.


You can edit parts of your own Guild Card. For instance, you can change the Self-Introduction as well as the Title. Other information on the card will be updated according to your current status.


You can give other hunters your Guild Card for them to examine. You will not lose your Guild Card when giving it to other hunters.

6Try giving your Guild Card to hunters you meet along the way, as it is considered a sign of friendship and respect. However, be aware that this can only be done in the Online Gathering Hall.

When you receive a Guild Card from another hunter, you are asked whether you wish to file this card away for future reference. Please take care of Guild Cards that seem important to you.
That concludes the uses of the Guild Card.

8Next, let's explain Friendship Level. Friendship Level describes your relationship with other hunters. A Friendship level is established when you exchange Guild Cards with a hunter, and is raised when you successfully complete Quests together.
9Next, let's explain Awards. This section of the Guild Card shows the different awards you have earned from the Guild in recognition of your accomplishments. These awards are listed on your card, and can be checked any time you are in town.
10Finally, let's explain Titles. Titles are a measure of how you are viewed around the world.
11If you pile up achievements like completing numerous Quests, slaying giant wyverns, or obtaining many rare weapons, your fame will naturally expand. The Guild Card committee will take this into account and assign you a suitable title.
12That completes our examination of the Guild Card.

<<Editor's Note>>
The Guild Manager really enjoys friendship, so if you keep raising your friendship level, something in return for your kindness.

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