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1[Minegarde Geography -Special Notes-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. This is the record of my life's research. The Special Notes section of my work is information about the Fortress managed by the Guild.

2The Fortress was created as the last line of defense against giant wyverns. The Fortress was established on high ground, giving it a better vantage point to keep a look out for these giant menaces. It also allows gunners to carry out sniping attacks on opponents below.
3The Fortress also allows the firing of special, powerful shots from large siege weapons such as the Ballista and the Great Cannon. These weapons can be used when ammunition is transported to the Fortress.
4Ballista S, normally marked with an X, can be used when placed in front of the weapon. To use the Ballista, press the PSSQ button, then adjust aim by pressing the [R] button and the left or right on the analog stick. Finally press the PSO button to fire.
5Cannon S is often held in reserve at camp, so it must be transported to the Fortress. While carrying Cannon S, pressing the PSO button will set and fire the Great Cannon. Although it is a strong weapon, it cannot be fine tuned, so hold off using it until the time is right.
6The ultimate weapon of last resort is the Dragonator. It can be activated by pressing the PSO button at the control system located above the castle gate.
7The Dragonator can only be used once per quest, so timing is of the essence when using this ultra powerful weapon. Can Lao-Shan lung be defeated by using these weapons? I am curious to find out myself...

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