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1[Practical Hunting -Wyverns Part 3-]

This section of Practical Hunting covers increasing your effectiveness when fighting monsters. Collected from the important points passed to advanced hunters by the Hunter's Guild, it is possible you will find this information unnecessary, but your you're still encouraged to read it.

2This section covers the wyverns known as the king and queen of the skies - the Rathalos and Rathian. These wyverns are quite powerful and territorial, thus they are subject to quest from a certain area; however, if you are a capable hunter, you may find yourself being asked to take on these wyverns in other locales.
3Unfortunately, their territorial nature has led to many places where our information is insuffieient or of little use, meaning one must exercise caution above and beyond the points listed here. When fighting such a powerful opponent, we recommend scrutinizing all available intelligence, and then preparing to the best of your ability.
4Known as King of the Heavens, the Rathalos is a powerful flying wyvern that is extremely capable in flight. It patrols its territory from the air, spotting prey with its impecable eyesight and attacking with ferocity. When enroaching on its territory, one must keep an eye on the skies at all times.
5As the Rathalos has extremely sensitive eyesight, it is quite weak against bright flashes or other attack against its eyes. It will be unable to escape to the air, and will lash out violently at its surroundings. Furthermore, its flame breath attack is quite strong, making equipment with fire resistance absolutely critical in any Rathalos battle.
6The Rathian, the female counterpart to a Rathalos, is much more capable on the ground than in the air. While a Rathalos fights to protect its territory, a Rathian preys on land based creatures to feed its young, and thus is incredibly capable at fighting on the ground.
7If you are to hold your own, you must be aware of the Rathian's charge. You must be prepared for this attack at a moment's notice, and know that one evasion does not mean you are safe from a second charge. The Rathian, like the Rathalos, has a powerful flame breath attack, and also a poisonous tail. Both of which can spell your end, so be wary.
8These wyverns present powerful foes, but items such as their scales and shell are extremely useful items. Using equipment made from these materials is clearly a sign that you have become accustomed to the hunting lifestyle. As always, the Guild is accepting these sorts of hunters as members in our Quests.

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