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1[Practical Hunting -Wyverns Part 2-]

This section of Practical Hunting discuss increasing damage when fighting monsters. This information, collected from the important points passed to beginners by the Hunter's Guild, is worth reading for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves as a hunter.

2This section will deal with the powerful wyverns Plesioth, Khezu, and Diablos. Yet, no matter how much experience a hunter piles up, these wyverns can quickly slay them. Thus, some may say that even the information compiled by the Guild is not sufficient enough for those facing these ferocious monsters.
3A hunter must know that when facing these wyverns, just like the monsters introduced before, that they are incredibly strong. Adequate equipment, along with adequate knowledge and skill, are just one step on the road to defeating wyverns of this level.
4Plesioth is a wyvern mainly found to be living in the water. When this beast is in its liquid home, only a gunner can effectively damage a Plesioth. Thus, it is important to coax it out of the water.
5To get a Plesioth out of the water, the carrot and stick approach is best. Fish a Plesioth out of the water by using bait they love, or hit them with things they hate. Plesioths are said to love frogs, using a frog as live bait is a great way to catch a water wyvern. The Guild is still researching items that may be Plesioth irritants.
6Khezu is a flying wyvern whose favorite habitats are often dark and damp areas, like caves. The Khezu is known for its ability to quickly kill; traveling along the roofs of caves, and dropping down next to a hunter, or even upon a hunter's head. Here, even more than usual, a hunter must pay attention to the world above them.
7Also, a Khezu houses a powerful internal source of Thunder, allowing it to unleash Thunder attacks from its body. Those unlucky enough to get hit with this Thunder are subject to paralysis, or even worse, death. You must pay attention and avoid these attacks!
8Finally, we want to briefly cover Diablos, a wyvern known to inhabit the Desert. With two giant horns attached to its head, this distinguishing feature is also its greatest weapon. When a Diablos uses its giant horns and massive strength to perform a thrust attack to any would be attackers, only the best armor can withstand the assault.
9This powerful attack is also its greatest weakness. When a Diablos thrusts its horns into a rock wall, its inability to move freely is a hunter's opportunity to attack. By aiming at the horns, you can slay the wyvern. Diablos is also capable of diving into the sands. As this is still being researched, we advise striking in the same manner as Cephalos.
10Use this information to slay flying wyverns, and you too will become a top class hunter. And remember, the Guild is always accepting members for our Quests.

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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