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1[Practical Hunting -Wyverns Part 1-]

This section of Practical Hunting will discuss increasing damage when fighting monsters. This information, collected from the important points passed on to beginners by the Hunter's Guild, is worth reading for anyone who wants to take a step up as a hunter.

2In this article I would live to cover the important points of the small wyverns roaming the world like Yian Kut-Ku, Gypceros, and Cephadrome. At this Guild, we like to use our knowledge to help inform beginning hunters on the relatively easy methods of slaying these beasts.
3While they are small and relatively easy to slay, these wyverns should still be treated with the respect the wyvern name deserves. There are many times when negligence can prove fatal, so adequate recover items, support items, equipment, wisdom, and technique are all required to take one of these beasts down.
4No matter what kind of wyvern you face, it is important to monitor their movements and condition to determine the best time to attack. Moreover, if they have a weak point, you should exploit it. If you are faced against a wyvern weak versus light or sound, the Guild will make every effort to provide you with the appropriate provisions.
5Another important point to remember is to never allow a wyvern to recover. If a wyvern is allowed to eat or drink it can recover its strength. Also, if a wyvern is allowed to sleep, it will quickly recover, so do your best to keep the beast from resting!
6Next, let's examine each type of monster in greater depth. The Yian Kut-Ku, with its large ears and beak, is one of the most abundant of all wyverns. At times, their population has been known to explode in a single area.
7The weak point of a Yian Kut-Ku happens to be their large ears. If you can set off a loud noise near their ears, it will limit their movements. Sonic Bombs are not the only item that can create these loud noises. Small Barrel Bombs and Crag S are also effective. Since Kut-Ku are also weak versus light, using a Flash Bomb will dizzy the monster.
8When an area is plagued by Yian Kut-Ku, even expert hunters can't kill all of the monsters by themselves. As a result, the Guild will provide all who take these Quests with a Paw Pass Ticket, allowing you to exit the Quest. If you feel that you have reached the limit of your abilities, please deliver this ticket. Of course, you must still slay two Kut-Ku.
9Next up is Gypceros, a monster typified by its sharp beak and large crest. Attacking this crest can release flashes of light. These flashes can be guarded against, but if you are using a weapon without a guard, it is best to try and destroy that crest as quickly as possible.
10Gypceros' most effective weapon is the poison it can spray from its mouth. This poison is more potent than even an Ioprey's, and it can quickly bring about a hunter's last breaths. If possible, you should prepare Antidote. Other Gypceros features are its ability to feign death, its rubbery hide, and its vast material uses in equipment.
11Finally, let's discuss the Cephadrome. Able to swim under the desert sands, and is impervious to the effects of bright flashes. They are, however, susceptible to sound attacks. By attacking them with sound, you just may cause them to jump out of the sand in pain!
12However, even if you get it to spring out of the ground, don't think you are safe. Cephadrome has the ability to spit sand at high speed, capable of killing a hunter in an instant, and even a simple blow from the beast can be devastating. Its fins also contain Paralysis inducing poison that will numb any hunter careless enough to fall victim.
13Being able to destroy wyverns is the true mark of a developed hunter. The Guild is always accepting members for our Guests.

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